Relaxing chiropractic pain relief

Neck Pain

Lifestyles and working practices today often result in us all spending too long sitting at a desk or leaning forward working on a computer or performing repetitive tasks. This often result in muscle tension from poor posture which applies extra pressure on the neck, back and shoulders, causing headaches, migraines or other neck pain. As a result we treat a large number of people suffering with neck pain in all our clinics, and especially our Cardiff clinic.

Tension caused by stress can increase muscle tension, placing pressure on the joint in the neck which irritates the spinal nerves, sometimes leading to "referred pain" in other parts of the body or numbness in shoulder, arm and hands.

The neck is vulnerable to damage as it supports the weight of the head. Neck injuries often occur when a person's spine, usually the neck is suddenly thrown very quickly in one direction and then in the opposite direction causing injury to the joints, muscles, ligaments tendons and occasionally spinal structures. This often occurs as a result of a motoring accident.

Our chiropractors tailor their treatment to your individual needs and use associated soft tissue therapy, mobilisation and exercise advice to help restore normal movement to the joints between the vertebrae of the spine, providing you relief from your discomfort and pain.