Chiropractor Appointment
First Visit

Your first visit with our chiropractor

Our chiropractors in Cardiff or Bridgend will start with a discussion about you, your health and your reasons for asking for chiropractic care. The consultation is a longer appointment and usually lasts between forty minutes upto  of an hour.

You will have a thorough case history taken which will not just be about your presenting complaint, but also about your past health history. If chiropractic appears not to be suitable for you, you will be referred to your GP or the appropriate medical specialist.

You will then be asked to undress to your underwear and provided with a patient gown for an appropriate examination of neuromusculoskeletal system (nerves, muscles and joints). It may be necessary to check out other systems such as the heart and lungs to rule out other causes of you problem.

If we do not need to take x-rays/scans or do further tests, your chiropractor will then explain your condition. A diagnosis will be made and an explanation of your problem will be given to you together with the treatment programme and likely outcome.

Treatment will be offered on your first visit providing x-rays/scans are not required. Your chiropractor will also give lifestyle advice, and may recommend specific exercises in order to help manage the condition and preventing a recurrence of the problems.

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