C3 Chiropractic
New Patient Forms

Please complete these forms before coming to see us

Here you will find our new patient forms that need to be filled in before you arrive for an appointment with us. You can download each form by clicking on the relevant button below.

Download Chiropractic New Patient Form Download Podiatry New Patient Form

C3 Clinics Cancellation, Appointment Re-Scheduling, and Missed Appointment Policy

Patients are kindly advised that we require a minimum of 12 hours’ notice to cancel or re-schedule an appointment.

We are a very busy clinic and appointments, especially at certain times of the day are highly sought after.

Providing us with sufficient notice to cancel or move your appointment allows us the opportunity to offer that appointment to another patient.Where appointments are cancelled or re-scheduled without sufficient notice or an appointment is missed altogether, a fee will be charged.  The fee is currently £15.