Callus and Corns - Self help Advice
Callus and Corns

What is callus?

Callus is a thickened area of skin usually caused as a response to friction, pressure or a combination of both. Calluses are there to protect the healthy skin underneath from damage but they can become painful.

How you can help to reduce callus formation:

  • Wear shoes with soft thick soles (such as trainers) to help reduce pressure when walking.
  • Wear a cushioning insole inside the shoe.
  • Wear shoes that have a fastening and fit your feet correctly. The best type of shoe is one with a lace up, Velcro or strap fastening.

How to reduce and control callus formation:

  • Hard skin can be controlled by regularly but gently using a pumice stone, a foot file or emery board. (Filing should be done little and often to be effective)
  • A foot cream should be applied to your feet daily but the application of any moisturising cream will help.

What is a Corn?

A corn is a focused area of hard skin that pushes into the surrounding healthy skin, often causing pain. There are three main types of corns:

Hard Corns

Hard Corns form over areas of pressure and are usually surrounded by callus. Hard corns often form on the tops of toes due to badly fitting footwear.

Self help:

  • Reduce overlying callus by gently using a pumice stone or foot file regularly.
  • Apply a moisturising cream daily to help soften the skin.
  • Use padding to reduce pressure over the area.

Soft Corns

Soft Corns appear between the toes where the toes rub together. They often look white and rubbery because the skin soaks up a lot of moisture, either because of sweat or because the spaces between the toes are not dried properly.

Self help:

  • Wear shoes with plenty of room in the toe box.
  • Dry in between the toes to prevent excessive moisture build-up. If you suffer from sweaty feet, wiping between the affected toes with cotton wool soaked in surgical spirit may help to dry them.
  • Silicone wedges are available at most chemists or by mail order, which can separate the toes and stop them rubbing.

Seed Corns

Seed Corns are small hard areas of skin usually associated with areas of dry skin.

Self help:

  • Applying a moisturising cream to the affected area daily can help to reduce the dry skin that causes seed corns to develop.


  • Use corn plasters/removers especially if you are elderly or diabetic.
  • Be tempted to use razors or other sharp implements to remove callus or corns.

In need of foot cream, padding materials, insoles, foot files etc. but can’t get out to shop?

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