Advice for Everyday Living

When leading a busy lifestyle, the basic warning signs of back problems can go unnoticed. Of course, no one is immune from back pain but our chiropractors at C3 have some simple advice to help.

Our chiropractors are asked by their patients about the ideal posture and the general guidance they give is:

1) There is no such thing as a ‘perfect posture’; the key is to avoid remaining in positions that cause discomfort, in other words, finding positions to sit, stand and sleep that are comfortable and this will be different for each person.

2) For the many people that report a link between certain positions and back or neck pain, they should be encouraged to vary their posture throughout the day and avoid those positions that cause discomfort.

3) For those people who find that sitting for too long does cause them backache, performing a short series of movements through the day such as stretches can help to keep you active and reduce this.

4) If the pain persists then seek help and advice from one of our qualified and experienced chiropractors to assess and help you start moving again without pain.

On our C3 Clinic website we have a series of videos which provide advice on different aspects of everyday life to help you prevent back problems.