C3’s Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy and Happy During the Festive Period

Winter time can pose problems for your feet, so our expert podiatrists have brought you their top tips for keeping your feet happy and healthy:

  1. Winter weather and central heating can cause dry and cracked skin. Remember to moisturise your feet daily, paying particular attention to any dry areas, particularly the heels, which have a tendency to crack.
  2. Use a foot cream rather than a general moisturiser, one with a minimum 10% urea content. Urea is extremely hydrating and really helps bring relief to dry skin.
  3. Use a pumice or foot file on any dry skin or callus on your feet before you shower or take a bath and then apply the foot cream after your shower or bath.
  4. Make sure you dry your feet thoroughly, especially between the toes, as the area between the toes is prone to development of fungal infection. Do not apply foot cream between the toes, as this can increase the risk of infection.
  5. Make sure you keep your toenails neatly trimmed. Carefully cut straight across your nails, before gently filing any rough edges. Don’t be tempted to cut down the sides of a nail, as this increases the risk of developing a painful ingrowing nail.
  6. Keep your feet warm and ensure they are dry at all times. Damp feet are a breeding ground for conditions like fungal nail infection and Athlete’s foot. Keeping your feet toasty also reduces the risk of chilblains developing (small, itchy swellings that occur as a reaction to cold damp conditions)
  7. If your feet are cold, do not be tempted to warm them in hot water, on hot water bottles, radiators, or any other form of heating device, as warming the skin too quickly can cause or exacerbate chilblains.
  8. Prevent heat loss from your feet by wearing good quality socks and appropriate footwear. Natural fibre socks such as wool are recommended.
  9. If you are shopping for new winter or party shoes, go in the afternoon, as feet have a tendency to swell as the day goes on, and shoes that fit when your feet are at their largest, are more likely to be comfortable.
  10. Avoid tight fitting shoes or boots, as these can restrict the circulation to your toes and feet.

If you have any problems with, or concerns about your feet, or just want to get them ready for the festive season, book an appointment with a podiatrist at C3 Podiatry clinic today.